Panchhi is a celebration of a child and their childhood. It’s a a kaliedoscope of nostalgia, Fun, Quirk, and above all the child and their own personalities. Silhouettes that are not overwhelming but delicate, fun,  young and above all comfortable. Outfits that make the child enjoy and feel the day they are celebrating. Its our ultimate mission to create clothes that will be cherished and will have a story to tell years after they are worn. 

The aesthetic of Panchhi has been deeply influenced by my childhood. My memory serves an exquisite recollection of time when a masterji used to be almost permanently stationed at the verandah of my childhood home, sewing up Poshak's, Bed Covers and what not. In his free time, he used to let us run a stitch on the foot pedaling machine. But little did I know that deep down I was brewing a fondness of this art which years later grew into a passion.

Born in Gorakhpur,a town in Northern India,  I lived closely amongst the members of Geeta Vatika (Patrons of Geeta Press, Holy Temple and community), and developed a deep connection to Indian Festivals. The fables of Indian mythology and its divine characters resonate with me and over the years, the work, the craft and the collections of Panchhi have been deeply influenced by it. A front row seat at the Annual live show of ''Raas-Leela'' - reciting the life of Krishna was one of the biggest joys of my childhood and which has naturally cultured my passion towards Janmashtami and other Indian Festivals.Each of our collection imbibes the same hint of Nostalgia, the life, dreams and culture of the early 90's. 

From Pataka in Diwali to Pichkari during Holi. From Storybooks to fictional characters, there are countless things that influence a child  and it definitely did mine. The craft at Panchhi has always celebrated these little things that children connect with. Their minds, free as a Panchhi, soaring through the sky.