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'Swarna' meaning 'Gold' stems from the aura that surrounds Deepawali. The color of the Sun and said to be the color of the Gods, Gold is the color of Divinity. This collection highlights the various elements that are considered to be essential to the divine form of  Lakshmi in the vedas . Whilst Goddess Lakshmi has been interpreted as Swarna Lakshmi bringing together the 'Dhatu' meaing gem of the Gods and the 'Chhavi' of Lakshmi,  Marigolds and Lotus,  flowers that represent prosperity and considered favourite to Lakshmi has been represented in all its natural glory.

Swarna is a collection that exudes royalty and with craftsmanship at its core. Its a beautifully curated collection that celebrates every aspect of the Indian festivities.


The Divinity of Krishna that is uncomparable. The Charm of age old traditions, our rich culture and memories.
We have spoken plenty of  the Influence of Krishna and Stories of his Raasleela on Kanupriya from her early childhood days and Every Janmashtami Collection including this one celebrates that feeling. Of Natkhat Kanha, and of the mighty tales of our Nand Gopal. Gopala is a collection of Krishna in his various forms - The one who is the lover of Cows as Govind, The One who at the age of 5 held the Govardhan Parvat on his little finger as Srinathji, The one who is the wisest in the form of Kanha.


Countless outfits customised to the liking of a child, their parents has been the soul of Panchhi. Its amusing to us that some of our more popular pieces have been first created not by designers but by the mothers themselves.Reminisce is a collection of those beautiful pieces. Outfits that over the years have made us who we are. Pieces that are evergreen and keepsakes. 


An Ode to Shri Krishna

Dear Earth,

At Panchhi, we continuously strive to reduce our carbon foot print. From using our fabric scraps to offering upcycling for our outfits, we are always trying to do better.

We create meticulously Hand embroidered outfits that are meant to last longer, preserved and passed on.

Proudly Made in India, every piece highlights the skills of the craftmen and age old techniques of Aari work. Materials ranging from Sequins, Beads, Zari and Zardozi, every piece is carefully sewn into the outfits by our very skilled artisans.

Clear Blue Skies - Upcyling with Panchhi

Parent's often say, ''It’s a one time wear'' or Kids Outgrow so fast, I will never be able to use it again''. At Panchhi we disagree and strive to make outfits last as long as possible and post that upcyle the same outfit to form a keepsake or upcycle to fit the child for a few more years.

Once the child has outgrown the outfit, you can send it back to us. We will explore the possiblties and reuse the embroideries or adjust the style to fit the current requirements.

However, like all good things take time, we need minimum 60 days from discussion to implementation.

With Love

-Kanupriya Tibrewala

In The Spotlight

Every Story is made up of several small moments that define them. Panchhi has grown to touch so many hearts and some outfits or clients will always play a significant role in our journey to create garments that are synonymous to exquisite craftsmanship. We are merely the storytellers of your child's experiences, happiness, joy which our extremely talented craftsmen weave into every thread sewn.

''Lets Cherish every occasion and we will have the most exquisite story book in our wardrobes.''

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